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Dear liberty activist,

H.R. 1146 - American Sovereignty Restoration Act  would withdraw the
United States from the United Nations and prohibit U.S. armed forces from

serving under U.N. command.

Herbert W. Titus, senior legal advisor to the Liberty Committee, has
written an analysis of H.R.1146.  In his analysis, Mr. Titus argues:

1. The Charter of the United Nations is illegitimate; having never been
lawfully ratified.
2. The Charter of the United Nations unlawfully delegates
congressional and presidential war powers.
3. The United Nations General Assembly has no lawful power to
require the United States to pay dues to the United Nations.
4. The Charter of the United Nations unconstitutionally usurps power
reserved to the states by the Tenth Amendment.
5. H.R. 1146 - The American Sovereignty Restoration Act is the only 
viable solution to the continual abuses by the United Nations.

A brief description of H.R. 1146 and a link to Mr. Titus's analysis (HTML
format and Adobe PDF format) is at

For people who use Webtv or don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader,  
Mr. Titus's "America:  Republic or Democracy?" is now available in 
HTML.  Go to

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee