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Smells like burnt bacon to me, somebody's fat is damn close to the fire. Politicians and law enforcement officials are not to be considered above the law in Pennsylvania!

Continue to support the regional and statewide pro-gun rights organizations.

A simple line between government right, and wrong, was developed and emplemented in this country a long time ago as the law of the land. It's called the Constitution. Those that have made their camp on the wrong side of that line are about to have some of their own words bite them. They claimed the Constitution was a living document, and it appears they might have been at least partially correct. It may just eat a few of them over the next year!

The following messages were recently recieved from some of our hardest working allies. It shows a light at the end of a tunnel. A really big bright light! The main line media and their twisted liberals friends are (likely), to see gun owners backing a lot of court actions and legislative changes in the next few months. As long as we work together, watch our step, and pench our pennies, their should be a lot of victories.

Finally, I want you to Call Representative Metcalfe's office and express your support and appreciation for his efforts to to protect your rights! PGOA President.

(From: Kim Stolfer) Friends, As many of you already know, we have been working VERY HARD to end the PA State Police gun registration database in conformance with PA law.

This information is just part of the vast resources that exist to prove the illegality of the PSP (Penn. State Police) practice. We continue to await word from the Commonwealth Court on the P.O. (Preliminary Objections) by the Governor’s office and the PSP who seek to deny us our day in court.

Please take a moment and thank Representative Daryl Metcalfe for his unceasing devotion to his oath and our heritage.

Thank you all for your support! Keep us in your prayers!

Kim Stolfer Firearms Owners Against Crime Allegheny County Sportsmen's League, Inc.


Rep. Daryl Metcalfe 12th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives (724) 772-3110 (717) 783-1707 Contact: House Republican Communications (717) 787-3993


FBI Audit Vindicates Metcalfe’s Call for End to Illegal State Gun Registry Lawmaker reapplies pressure on Pennsylvania State Police to comply with the law.

HARRISBURG—Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) has gained a powerful and credible ally in his ongoing political battle to reinstate law-abiding Pennsylvanians’ constitutional rights of privacy and gun ownership by eliminating the State Police’s illegal registry of firearms.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) recently completed audit of the Pennsylvania Instant C heck System (PICS) reveals that the Pennsylvania State Police’s Record of Sale Database is in violation of federal legislation and, as Metcalfe has maintained for the last year, the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. In a letter to PICS administrators, FBI officials wrote, "This practice must cease immediately."

"The FBI has concluded what I’ve been telling the State Police for more than a year," Metcalfe said.

In light of the FBI’s findings, the Butler County lawmaker has sent a letter to the State Police renewing his call for an end to the illegal registry of firearms.

"I once again call upon the State Police to comply with the law and put an end to this registry of firearms ownership," Metcalfe wrote. "If adherence to the rule of law does not provide sufficient motive to eradicate the record of sale database, then maybe the loss of point of contact status and other associated penalties will prove a force for change.

"I would also agree with the FBI that the current PICS practice of holding delayed responses for up to 15 days and issuing automatic denials is problematic and serves to impermissibly infringe on constitutional rights (both state and federal). While I have not addressed this issue before, I think the FBI has made a valid suggestion that this practice should also be halted."

Prior to 1995, the State Police were allowed to retain the handgun application/record of sale information. Through various amendments to the Uniform Firearms Act from 1995 through 1997, however, the General Assembly enacted law that prohibited that practice. State law now requires the application/record of sale to be destroyed after 72 hours and that no information on the application/record of sale be retained in any form.