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I received the following message and thought it makes some interesting points.  I know a higher rate taxing 
on property owned by non-state residents is practiced in several states such as Michigan.  With 
the next state administration about to plead "poverty, we need higher taxes", maybe we should suggest 
this information. 

NEWSLETTER fodder- tax the rich out-of-staters on their holdings in PA.

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 07:17:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Maloney 
	I offer the following observation as a resident of MD.  Many employees live and retire in PA 
for several reasons but work outside PA.  These people have generally moved from liberal  regions (MD, NJ, DC) 
and brought their values and beliefs to PA.  Let us look at the reasons they have moved. First, income tax 
is lower.  Second, property tax is lower.  Third, federal employees and certain other employees are 
exempt from paying income tax on their retirement.  I would recommend that PA residents support several 
forms of what I will call Pro-RKBA legislation that should cut down on the number of liberals infesting 
PA.  Federal retirees should have to pay income tax.  People working outside of PA  should pay a 
higher income tax or a clean air tax to help the environment.  Higher property tax rates for those who 
work out of state to help offset the time spent away from the local community.  PAers aren't ruining 
the values of PA, it is the great influx of non-PAers that has  corrupted the values of PA.
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	As of August, we have dropped the members that have not kept up with their dues for this year.  
They were given repeated warnings in the newsletters and have been mailed a post card with an offer 
to rejoin.  We hope to hear from many of them, but must continue to search for new members that 
will help with the upcoming battles for our rights.  
	We have several hundred extra copies printed of each newsletter for handouts.  Most are gone within 
a week or two, but we will try to have a extras for those of you who are willing to hand or put them out in 
your home areas.  It is an excellent way to help get more folks informed and involved.  Gun shops and gun 
shows are two places that gun owners are always going to be found.  If half of the dealers in this 
state were to pass on our newsletters, gun owners as a group would be much better off, and so would the 
	With the November elections just about on top of us, the media rhetoric is about to go into frenzy 
mode.  Granted, no one can tell how most candidates really stand on the gun rights issue from their 
commercials, but we can tell they've got a lot of money to spend avoiding the issue.  Very few will 
touch the gun issue during the campaign unless they really have a good track record or an exceptional plan 
for future proposals to go public with.  I haven't seen Governor candidates Fisher or Rendell either 
one offering more than slip shod lip service to gun rights.  
	Mr. Rendell has made an attempt to appear to be gun owner friendly which may have fooled two or 
three dozen people across the state.  Most of us remember the less than intelligent methods he has 
used to curtail the rights of anyone inside the limits of Philadelphia.  I hope people realize what a 
mistake it is for anyone with his attitude to be in government at all.  
	Mr. Fisher seems to be, beginning to understand that he gets unemployed if he doesn't put the 
gun owners in this state on his side.  I hope he realizes we won't show up in numbers large enough to 
get the job done if he doesn't get with the program and lay out a serious pro-gun agenda, now!  (He can 
ask Bob Casey Jr. and anyone in the real pro gun movement in  a position.   So they save some time by 
pulling one lever in the election booth and not bothering to consider their options.   I believe they fail 
their obligation and duty as a Citizen.   
	I understand why the leaders of the first and second parties put down  the third parties so hard.  
"These days, I don't think it would take a whole lot to better either one of the big ones".  
Spoiler my foot!  The more third party candidates run and win, the sooner the big two will have to stop 
offering "Twiddle De and Twiddle Dumb" type candidates!