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The following lays out in very practical terms strongly supported points and concerns of millions of Americans.

   As Pennsylvanians we must pull together to hold serious pressures to establish some sort of checks on 
the new powers of the Whitehouse.  We currently have nothing to keep any administration from declaring 
Martial Law, disbanding Congress and  assuming a total Dictatorship with support from an ever growing illegal
National Police Force, and likely foreign troops.  
	Nothing that is except a military that is being issued UN uniforms (which way will that mop flop),
and an armed populace that  is the target of every evening news broadcaster, all socialist legislators, 
and most major newspapers(I use that term loosely).   Roy Pittman, PGOA President  

From: UNAmerican Activities Inv. Commission  Thursday, January 24, 2002 12:54 PM
Swatting Flies While Vultures Pick Your Bones     by R. Lee Wrights

	Two tragedies occurred on September 11, 2001.  The first was horrendous in nature that claimed the 
lives of thousands of Americans as it unfolded before our very eyes on the television screens of the world.  
Time after traumatic time we viewed the film of one of the tallest structures on the face of the earth crumble 
into a smoking mountain of rubble.  A nation was in shock and the whole world mourned the innocent lives snuffed 
out at the hands of a few men that needed nothing more than box cutters to cause the greatest terrorist 
catastrophe in the history of mankind.
	The second tragedy was more subtle as if it were a tremor following a major earthquake.  The first 
tragedy is bad enough so that the second hardly seems like anything to be concerned about at all.  
However, I am afraid this time the aftershock is far worse than the quake itself.

	While the first tragedy on that fateful day in early autumn claimed the lives of a few thousand 
unfortunate Americans, the second has claimed tens of millions.  The terrorist achieved exactly what they 
set out to do.  By killing only a few thousand citizens, along with themselves, they were able to send untold 
millions into such a panic that they have turned their backs on the very things this great country was 
founded and built upon.   Lying buried beneath the tons of stone and steel that once was the World Trade 
Center, along with thousands of innocent Americans killed, are those precious American siblings -- 
Liberty and Freedom.
	The tragedy that we now face as a nation is the State's manipulation of the effects of fear.  
Fear that causes people to act and think in ways they never would in its absence.  Fear that turns brother 
against brother and allows politicians to rob citizens of their riches and freedom.  Fear that causes 
citizens to willingly sacrifice their liberty before the great god Security, promised them by a government 
that seeks to enslave them.  A government that uses fear as a deflection in the hopes that citizens will 
not notice the real terror that is produced by the parties that control its Houses.  The State uses fear to 
keep you distracted swatting flies while the vultures pick your bones.
	Now, I can hear the screams from the hawks already.  They are screeching blatant lies such as, 
"You are un-American," and, "You say, Aha! This proves that America is altogether evil."  Some will even go 
as far as Mr. Scott on our message board and accuse me of hating America.  Of course, nothing could be 
further from the truth.  In fact, it is my love for this country, and the liberty and freedom that are 
her foundation, that prompts me to write of the atrocities of the State.  It is my affection for our 
beloved Constitution that commands me to call attention to the actions of unscrupulous 
politicians in their
 attempts to destroy its meaning.  The flies of fear will not distract me while 
the vultures of 
CONgress pick my bones!
	I have been castigated lately because I refuse to support Mr. Bush's War on Terrorism.  Because 
I disagree with the hawks, I have been told I am un-American, un-Libertarian, ignorant, a terrorist sympathizer,
and that I lack compassion.  So, I will ask you the same thing I asked Mr. Scott in our discussion forum, 
"What makes you think we can win a war against a phantom called Terror?" We have NEVER won one of these wars 
before, so why will this time be different? We have waged war on Poverty since the sixties, and people 
are still poor. We have engaged the evil enemy Ignorance since the seventies, and still our children cannot 
read. We have gallantly fought the demon Drugs for decades, and all we have done is fund terrorist organizations 
in other countries. And you expect us to believe that the US will stamp out terrorism? You are comforted by 
the effort; I am appalled at the lack of results. You believe the lie, and I speak the truth. 
These are our differences.

	We are told the mission of the War on Terrorism is two fold.  To capture or kill Osama bin Laden 
specifically; and, to generally rid the world of terrorists altogether.  The first will be easier to accomplish 
than the second, because just like America's other phantom wars the mission of ridding the world of terrorism 
is impossible to achieve.  I don't think even the staunchest war hawk really believes that we can possibly 
stamp out terrorism.  The difference I have with them is they find comfort in the government's effort 
while I remain suspicious of the State's hidden agendas that practically everyone acknowledges.  It 
should throw up some pretty big red flags when CONgress passes into law a bill that takes the Bill of Rights 
and feeds it to a paper shredder, without even reading the damn thing!  Ron Paul says the bill wasn't even 
printed for his colleagues and himself until AFTER the treasonous law was passed and ready for the 
president's signature.  It looks like CONgress is not immune to the fear themselves.  Why else would you do 
something so foolish as to vote to enact a law that you had not read?  This is what the vultures were doing, 
Mr. Scott, while you were busy swatting all those flies.
	I know it is a hard truth to accept, especially for those of us that cherish America and the 
"grand experiment" handed down through every generation of a nation from her founders.  It is the love for 
liberty and devotion to freedom that has perpetuated a way of life that before America was unknown to mankind.  
The only way that "way of life" will be passed on to the next generation, is if we stay ever vigilant to 
preserve its very nature.
Before she died in 1961, American newspaper columnist Dorothy Thompson wrote:
"When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force.  When it is relinquished voluntarily by 
default it can never be recovered."
	This is what concerns me.  This is why I remain skeptical and untrusting of the State at war.  The 
most dangerous threat to our freedom is allowing the fear of the world to blind us to the terror we face at home.  
Stop swatting at the flies and pay closer attention to the vultures.
Enough is enough! 
*         *          *          *          *         *          *          *          *          *
	If you are one of those that haven't been paying to-much attention to the way things appear to be 
sizing up in your own country, shame on you.  Since the 9/11 fiasco, the feds have been real busy shredding 
one of your rights after another.  All of course without Constitutional grounds, but with their cheer leading 
sections in the "Congress and the News Media beating the drums of fear".  They have also brought themselves 
to all but totally ignore the million or so illegal aliens inside this country and the sieves we call boarders,
while taking deep bows for the strip searching and scanning of the Americans that are stuck with flying with 
no rights at all. Oh, I must give the fed credit for seizing ten's of thousands of fingernail files, 
toenail nippers and likely a number of other toiletries.  
	I myself would rather see the planes on the ground than the Citizens being treated and acting 
like prisoners.  I didn't mind not seeing or hearing five jets at a time all night long in the skies of my 
rural home.  By the way, I hear they have about the same agenda coming up for the train and bus industry!
	Aren't you just bubbling over with pride and support for your legislators now!