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Survey: Top Cops Don't Mind Concealed Carry Laws
By Jim Burns Senior Staff Writer
November 30, 2001

( - A survey released Friday by the National Association of Chiefs of Police finds 
that over 60 percent of the nation's police chiefs and sheriffs favor a national system 
allowing law-abiding
citizens to carry concealed firearms. 

The survey asked 23,113 chiefs and sheriffs around the country, "Do you agree that a national 
concealed handgun permit would reduce rates of violent crime as recent studies in some states 
already reflected?"
According to the National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP), 62 percent of those surveyed
 said "yes."

John Michael Snyder, NACOP vice president and director of the Citizens Committee for the Right 
to Keep and Bear Arms, said the response was striking, especially since this is the first time 
in the survey's
14-year history that this particular question was asked.

Snyder said the survey shows that 93 percent of the commanding officers believe any law-abiding
 citizens should be able to purchase a firearm for sport of self-defense. Eighty-six percent 
think anyone who violates
state and federal firearm possession laws should be prosecuted by federal attorneys, and -- if 
convicted -- receive a maximum prison term.

Ninety-six percent of those surveyed believe criminals can still obtain any type of firearm 
illegally and 94 percent believe police officers and/or retired police officers should be 
allowed to carry a firearm from
state to state.

Snyder also noted that the survey found that 69 percent of police chiefs and sheriffs oppose 
limiting law-abiding citizens to buying only one firearm per month, while 90 percent said that 
their agency has not had
to arrest anyone for making a false statement on an application to purchase a firearm.

Ninety percent of the police chiefs and sheriffs surveyed believe that foreign or domestic acts
 of violence will increase in the United States in the coming year. 

NRA: Poll not surprising

The National Rifle Association said the poll was "good news," according to NRA spokesperson 
Trish Gregory.

"We think it's certainly good news but it's really not surprising because we see this all the 
time. We think that law enforcement officers do support giving citizens the right to self-defense," said Gregory.

The Law Enforcement Association of America was pleased with the survey, saying it supports the 
rights of people to carry concealed weapons, according to LEAA spokesman Kevin Watson.

"We're wholeheartedly in support of that. We're an organization whose members want crime 
control and not gun control. The idea of law abiding citizens who get the permit to carry a 
concealed firearm for their own protection is something that we support," said Watson. 

PGOA: Comment
The track record of the gun grabbers has one constant drum beat.  The louder the media coverage
 is for their side, the less fact there is to their arguments.  The harder they try to sneak 
legislation through hidden in unrelated bills or during late night sessions, the less impact it
 will have on the criminal, and the worse it will be for or country and people.