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Licensing Ides
Licensing Ides for Standalone Use
Additional Code Available

Licensing Ides:
Ides is distributed as shareware, please try it to determine whether it is the type of software you are looking for.  Ides must be licensed before being used publicly on the web (when determining whether Ides is what you are looking for, please use the applet on a test URL).

To order Ides, please go to:

When you register, a registration code and instructions will be sent to you, then a receipt will be sent via the postal service.

Ides is sold on a per site basis, when you go to the order web page, please be sure you know the site for which you want to license Ides.  The license class that is sent to you after registration will permit use on as many pages as you would like on the licensed site (the unregistered notice will be gone).  If you are working with Ides on your own site as a staging site for a client, you will need to license both sites unless you are a marketing partner (you don’t need to register the staging site if you don’t care about the “unregistered” notice appearing on Ides on the staging site).  Web design companies are eligible for the marketing partner program. For more information, see

A site is defined as the domain or user account that you own or for which you have responsibility.  For example, Lithic Software Corporation's site is at  If we hosted a company called Valley Valley Inc and they had a site at, that URL would be their site.  If you are in doubt, feel free to include the URL of your home page, and we will determine your site from that.  If you are using Ides on an intranet, please include the name of the server (you may also want to include the IP address, in case someone wants to refer to it by it's IP address, we ping domains to get their IP address, but we may not be able to ping servers on an intranet).

There are no refunds after the registration code is sent to you.

Licensing Ides for Standalone Use
If you are going to be using Ides as a standalone application, using AppletViewer in a client machine or in a kiosk system, licensing is somewhat different.  To get license information for standalone use, please contact  In the email, please include as many details about the system as you can, including company, type of application, number of standalone clients Ides will be running on, and whether you would like to distribute Ides as part of an application you are building.

Additional Code Available
When you purchase Ides, you can also purchase Perl scripts that can be used to manage the dates file that Ides uses. These scripts let you add or delete items from the data file.  They included weak security as provided, and are distributed for use as a skeleton for writing your own management scripts.  The option to purchase the scripts is available as an option on the Ides ordering page.  An example script that only lists the dates,, can be downloaded on  Please have a look at it if you are thinking about licensing the Perl scripts.

There is also a full featured calendar for the Windows platform that can export dates in the Ides applet format.  The program can be downloaded at:

This software is provided to you on a trial basis. This is intended to allow a period of time for use of Ides on a test URL to determine whether or not to purchase this software.  If you decide not to purchase this software, you must remove all copies from your system and site.  By using this software you are agreeing to these terms.

This software  is provided as-is.  The author and Lithic Software Corporation specifically disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied.  In no event shall the author or Lithic Software Corporation be liable for any loss of profit or any other damage including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages including damages to a third party.  By using this software you are agreeing to these terms.  If these terms are not agreeable, do not use this software.