The Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association is pleased to announce our contractual agreement for the sales of "Freedoms Flag" prints. The PGOA in conjunction with, artist William Ward Ryan,e in value when the last one was sold. 10,000 sounds like a lot of prints, but given the drive, value, and meaning behind them, and the fact that there are over 270,000,000 Americans today, these sales won't last all that long. I urge you to place your order today. Delivery within 8 weeks, (usually 3). As we wish to circulate these prints as fast as is possible: Orders from Organizations will be processed first; Individual orders are being honored in the order in which they are received. Large order:Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association is pleased to announce our contractual agreement for the sales of "Freedoms Flag" prints. The PGOA in conjunction with, artist William Ward Ryan, and the exclusive sales coordinator, Roy Pittman, are making this offer to all of America's, "Modern Day Patriots." {All Citizens who actively support the Constitution of these United States of America, the Republic it created, the limits it placed on government, and the Individual Rights it guarantees.} Background Information: Mr. Ward Ryan is a world class artist with renowned works scattered through out the US and the world. A biography is available for reading through the PGOA and will be included on our web sites by mid October. On the site (when operable) just click on the button marked "Freedoms Flag" and you may view or down load a wealth of information or proceed to order. The flag's design it's self, is protected by copyright, with the PGOA having the exclusive sales contract at this time. The PGOA is a statewide nonprofit organization that offers both education and active participation in representing the Conservative views on "Gun Legislation vs. Constitutional Rights" and related topics. We remain, since our beginning, in 1993 (Incorporated 1994), devoted to stopping the compromises of Constitutionally protected rights to firearms. We have also drafted proposed legislation (HB 564 of 1999) that is still needed to replace current law that is redundant, wasteful, and unfruitful. The PGOA in contract and agreement with Roy Pittman, has contracted for the right to sell the 10,000 original prints of the artist's "Freedoms Flag" and secondary markets for the copyrighted design. The intent of the Artist and the PGOA, is for the flag design to be used by individuals and groups as a symbol of their personal respect and stand for Freedom, the U. S. Constitution / Bill of Rights, and the Constitutional requirements and restraints placed upon our government. The PGOA has adopted this design as a visual icon to show common ground and support for these points. We invite all other like minded groups to do likewise and send us a written statement to that effect. The Freedom Flag was created to be the symbol for support of the pro Constitution movement, not for any particular group or portion of the movement. It applies as well to land owners rights as it does to gun owners rights, to the freedoms of speech and choice of religion, as well as the restraints on government, the balance of powers in government, and also the responsibilities and requirements of many elected officials and the Citizens at large. Up to10,000 original numbered and autographed prints can be made on high quality linen, and then the source negatives shall be destroyed. This is to supply the demand from across our nation. These individually signed and numbered prints on linen, are being offered for $119.00 each. These are drastically under priced to ensure the wide spread availability, and recognition, as well as to better insure the prints as a sound investment. The purchase price of $119.00 includes: handling and protective shipping (insured) to any where in the USA, the signed and numbered print, a letter of authenticity from the artist W. Ward Ryan, a letter of definition and purpose for the art sales from the PGOA, as well as a standing offer to the original buyer for optional purchases on all future uses of the design (flags, stickers, patches, hats, etc.), and the knowledge that the buyer is reinforcing the battle to regain and preserve our rights, uniting our efforts, supporting our nation and the "Heritage of Liberty" as handed down by the founding fathers in our Constitution. We also offer the prints professionally framed, double matted, sealed, ready for hanging in your club, den, office, lounge, school, or library, meticulously packed, insured and delivered to your door for only $249.00. (approximate size 30 X 40") "Artist Proof" series of the print is being used as the "Freedoms Flag Awards" by the PGOA and their Associated groups. Requests for information on the award series should be directed to Roy Pittman, through the PGOA. These prints are seriously undervalued. With very conservative estimates stating they would normally at least doublrs may be spread over several shipments, (pending order volumes at the time). We thank you and welcome your comments. On behalf of the Pennsylvania Gun Owner's Association, Roy D. Pittman, President e-mail:
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