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The attached 45 second movie is a quick demonstration provided by the Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association. Our objective is to aid in the defeat of the proposed, so called, "Ballistic Fingerprinting Scheme", by showing just how easy it is to defeat its premise of usefulness. The two volunteers in the clip will swap all of the components that would make any ballistic or shell casing traceable to the three different firearms being displayed. The three firearms being used are; a basic AR-15 carbine (any of numerous manufactures), remained a .223 only with a match barrel and scope; a basic Colt model 1911(any of numerous manufactures), changed from .45 ACP pistol to a .38 super carbine; and an European American Arms Corp., "Witness" model changed from a .45 ACP to a 40 S+W. All three firearms are completely changed and ready to shoot with totally different "Ballistic Fingerprints" in about 40 seconds. This is accomplished by two men with a little practice but no special training, and no tools. All of the components used are and have been available since each firearm was brought onto the market, ranging from 1911 to the 1980's. Another method of changing the ballistics or casing signature of a given firearm would take only a few well placed strokes of a file. Ballistic information has been used for years in courts as evidence if, a smoking gun could be found. If the gun were used to any serious degree between tested shots, the ballistic information becomes humble rather quickly. The surfaces that make the marks on the bullets and casings are subject to wear, and change the marks themselves on the bullets and casings in later shots. Guns are man made, and they will wear out. Testing of new, clean guns, with every factory burr and machine mark fresh and sharp, would likely be of little or questionable use by the time the gun was broke in, if it were not to have any parts changed or tampered with. The proposed legislation is built on a seriously flawed idea and would waste preciously needed time, effort, and money. As taxpayers we all should be vocal about this proposal that will waste millions of dollars for little or no returns. As Citizens we should demand better thinking be used than the "sounds good to me, pass it quick" scenario being played out far to often in the ranks of government today. The cry'ers that continue to push and wail for more restrictions and costs to be heaped on the Citizens should realize more people are paying attention everyday. Those that promote and support such waste should, and I believe will, be held responsible for their actions and wastefulness. Roy Pittman President, PGOA.
Click Here For Demonstration Video